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Microsoft O365 Bulk Complaint Level

When targeting Office365 hosted mailboxes, Microsoft assigns a Bulk Complaint Level to incoming messages originating from bulk mailers.The BCL rating is being assigned the same way the Spam Confidence Level (SCL) through an appended X-header. A high BCL level indicates the related message is likely to be spam.To determine the BCL level, Microsoft uses both… Read More »

More marketers wants to send communications through TLS

Across the last couple of months I have seen more and more marketers asking for the possibility to send out their communications through a secured end-to-end encrypted connection. A while ago, Gmail started to promote TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for marketers sending communications towards individuals using their services. While, the fact of not sending… Read More »

Microsoft SCL

Every time a message is received at Microsoft side, it is going through their spam filtering system which gives it a spam score. The related spam score will then be assigned an individual Spam Confidence Level (SCL) rating which is then included as an X-header to the related email header. Microsoft automated systems will then… Read More »