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Trouble sending communications to German ISPs and Webmails?

For several years now, German ISPs and webmails have been tightening their policies towards the advertisers targeting German recipients. Recently, you might have noticed that German ISPs have rejected part of your email stream pointing out a generic PTR as the reason of rejection. In order to improve your chances to deliver communications to German… Read More »

Spam traps

What is a spam trap? Spam traps are mailboxes either created for the sole purpose of identifying spammers, purchased list users, list harvesters or they are abandoned mailboxes belonging to real individuals. Types of spam traps? There are two type of spam traps: Pristine spam traps which are created by ISPs, webmails and even blacklists… Read More »

Email authentication

Authentication is considered as an important mechanism for your e-mail program. ISPs and webmails have been tightening their filtering rules over the years in order to protect their users from spam and phishing. In order ensure an optimal deliverability/delivery of your communications, you should implement the most common authentication mechanism available: Sender Policy Framework (SPF)… Read More »

More marketers wants to send communications through TLS

Across the last couple of months I have seen more and more marketers asking for the possibility to send out their communications through a secured end-to-end encrypted connection. A while ago, Gmail started to promote TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for marketers sending communications towards individuals using their services. While, the fact of not sending… Read More »

Shared IP vs Dedicated IP

While using an ESP to send out your e-communications, there are two options in regards to the IP setup for your account. 1. Shared IP Benefits A shared IP address will be particularly useful in regards to maintaining sending reputation if you are sending very low volumes or low frequency. (E.g. you are sending only monthly… Read More »